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Quality standards and control continue to evolve and have clearly become a significant criteria within the competing world market.

ISO 9001: 2000 as a worldwide accepted standard gains more and more in importance and as of today is the standard Far East countries have to meet as well.

Matching the western understanding of quality standards with Far East mentality is sometimes hard to do and requires lots of skill and experience.

IC INTRACOM was aware of this problem ahead of time and developed solutions cooperating with Far East vendors. Any product planned for our product line has to pass extensive quality testing. Every shipment is quality controlled by a team of engineers. This is proven by the IC INTRACOM seal on every box that leaves one of our facilities.

Benefit from this experience as well.

IC INTRACOM will assist you in choosing reliable vendors, consult with you concerning quality control, help you to optimize manufacturing procedures, and arrange staff training on your behalf.

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