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Why Partner with IC INTRACOM Global Manufacturing Solutions?

Worldwide Experience

Since 1987, IC INTRACOM has established its position in worldwide marketplaces. Simultaneously, we specialize in enabling Far East vendors to meet the expectations of their western customers.

Regard IC INTRACOM's GMS Divison as the perfect connecting link between:

  • The Far East Manufacturer: Producing in-time, reliable and flexible on your request, but understanding only very little about his overseas customers' expectations, and having absolutely no insight into "his customers' customers" mentality


  • Your Company: Successfully doing business in the domestic market for many years, but being limited when it comes to knowing and understanding the Far East's mentality, and way of doing business.

Combining these contrary but copious sources of knowledge and experience will offer your company incredible additional creative scope. IC INTRACOM offers ease of communication, availability 24/7 and professional contacts in Asia with fluency in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin.

With offices in 13 countries, more than 1,200 employees worldwide, and annual revenues of more than $66 million, IC INTRACOM is one of the most powerful, reliable and experienced partners you can choose to build your bridge between the East and the West.

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