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IC INTRACOM's Global Manufacturing Solutions (GMS) Division builds bridges between the industrial advantages of the Far East and the market needs of the Western world. Our strategy is based on establishing and cultivating partnerships between mid-sized companies and Asian manufacturers.

Benefit from Experience

Today we invite you to learn more about how IC INTRACOM can provide the connecting link between your company's needs and demands and the manufacturing facilities of the Far East.

For many years IC INTRACOM has firmly established itself as an active participant in the Asian marketplace. You too can benefit from this experience: Whether you plan to manufacture in the Far East, if you need components for your domestic production, or you intend to trade products "market-ready" or just "crude-design" - together we can develop a successful plan.

In these changing times, successful companies are those which look ahead and continuously adjust the way they do business. An expert relation with Asia is one of those ways.

IC INTRACOM offers ease of communication, availability 24/7 and professional contacts in Asia with fluency in Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Norwegian.

This website will inform you on the options as well as the profits resulting from a partnership with IC INTRACOM. And whether or not you already maintain business contacts with the Far East, a meeting with IC INTRACOM will be worthwhile.

Benefit by us serving as your consultant, your middleman, or even your vendor - there are multiple options. We look forward to developing a partnership between your company and ours.

Michael Thiel

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